Probationary Firefighter - Welland - 2023

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This job profile reflects the general requirements necessary to perform the primary functions of the job. This does not include all work requirements of the job.

The City of Welland is looking for new Probationary Firefighters to join Welland Fire and Emergency Services. As an equal opportunity employer, the City values all potential applicants, and encourages those in the BIPOC, LGBTQ+ or other under-represented demographics to consider an incredibly rewarding career with Welland Fire and Emergency Services.

Working in an Incident Command System, the Firefighter’s role is to protect life and property through firefighting, emergency medical and other types of emergency incidents, often performed under conditions, which require strenuous physical exertion. Firefighters are also expected to provide excellent customer service as well as supporting all 3 lines of defense, being Public Education, Fire Safety Standards and Enforcement, and Emergency Response.

Firefighters are expected to maintain a high standard of professionalism, solve problems, work as part of a dynamic team and possess excellent interpersonal and organizational skills. Teamwork is very important; Firefighters live and work together in close quarters throughout their 24-hour shift. This requires all team members to depend on each other to perform their duties successfully whether having to share routine tasks at the fire station, providing services at an emergency scene, or providing service assistance to other agencies and/or the public.