Firefighter - Port Coquitlam - 2022

Originally published at: Firefighter - Port Coquitlam - 2022 - Fire

The City of Port Coquitlam is home to approximately 65,000 residents spread over 29 km2. The municipality is supported by two fire stations that provide emergency support through five response apparatus and has a complement of 86 full-time staff. As a multi-service agency, Port Coquitlam Fire & Emergency Services supports the community by ensuring a safe environment to both live and work, which directly supports the municipality’s strategic goal of community well-being. The role of our fire department has evolved beyond historical fire response now including support and training for medical response, hazardous materials mitigation, technical rescue, fire prevention and response to environmental emergencies. This commitment is captured in our mission statement whereas; Port Coquitlam Fire & Emergency Services is committed to providing the best service to our community through the preservation of life, property and the environment by providing excellence in response, prevention, education and training.