Firefighter Paramedic - Winnipeg - 2022

Originally published at: Firefighter Paramedic - Winnipeg - 2022 - Fire

The Firefighter Paramedic is diversely skilled and a key component of an integrated fire and emergency medical response system.

Under the supervision as determined by the department’s hierarchal structure, the Firefighter Paramedic is primarily responsible for protecting the public from the dangers of fire (structural and wildland) by controlling and putting out fires. They are also responsible for responding to other emergency situations including responding to medical calls, water rescue, vehicle rescue, technical rescue, and other rescue incidents. Firefighter Paramedics also respond to non-emergent calls such as assisting with patient lifts, or check well-being.

The position of Firefighter Paramedic is also responsible for providing medical services to the citizens of Winnipeg in accordance with approved provincial standards and established protocol, as determined by the department’s hierarchal structure and the Medical Director’s designated scope of practice. In all emergency situations, Firefighter Paramedics are responsible for pre-hospital care of injured persons (emergency paramedical services), maintaining/operating equipment, and completing all essential tasks in each emergency service job. Firefighter Paramedics are responsible for operating a wide variety of equipment and tools, both manual and power.