Firefighter Operations - Toronto - 2023

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Please read the important notes on the job posting before submitting an application:


You have one opportunity to apply per recruitment, this is indicated by the Job ID number. You can reapply when there is a new recruitment, with a new Job ID number.

You may not be able to modify or reapply once your application has been submitted.

Do not apply until you have minimum qualifications #3 (Driver’s Licence), #4 (OFAI) #5 (NFPA), #6 (CPR) & #7 (First Aid).

In addition to successful completion of all three (3) stages of the OFAI Candidate Testing Services, an OFAI Swim Test is required. Applicants will be need to submit a valid and current certification by February 28, 2023.

During the application, under “My Documents” / “Supporting Documents” section, you are required to upload minimum qualifications #3 (Driver’s Licence), #4 (OFAI) #5 (NFPA), #6 (CPR) & #7 (First Aid) in one PDF file saved as “Documents Last Name, First Name.” Please note that the document cannot exceed the minimum file size limit of 5,000 kilobytes. Failing to do so may disqualify you at the screening (document review) stage.