Firefighter - Fort Saskatchewan - 2022

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Reporting to the Assistant Fire Chief, the Firefighter is a first responder who routinely responds to and works at incidents such as, but not limited to, fires, medical incidents, motor vehicle collisions, alarm calls, hazardous materials spills or leaks, water incidents, technical rescues, and rail incidents. A Firefighter is assigned to a Watch and is responsible for the professional delivery of services and duties.

For a firefighter’s prompt attendance to the fire station in a significant unscheduled emergency and/or while on standby, a firefighter must reside within 30 minutes of the City of Fort Saskatchewan.

The Fort Saskatchewan Fire Department is housed with the Ambulance Service in a modern facility with excellent equipment and apparatus. The Department is a vital component of the Protective Services Section of the City, together with our mutual aid partners contributes to the safety and quality of life in our community. The Fort Saskatchewan Fire Department is a proud member of the Northeast Region Community Awareness Emergency Response (N.R. CAER) Organization.

The City of Fort Saskatchewan Firefighters will respond to fire and emergency calls and participate in educating the community in various aspects of emergency safety. The Firefighter is responsible for completing duties as assigned to support the implementation of effective, efficient and ethical departmental procedures, and to meet the customer service goals and objectives of the Fire Department. The Firefighter promotes the City’s commitment to diversity, inclusions and Truth and Reconciliation within the department, organization and community.